Ten things I’ve learned from playing basketball

  1. If you make the same move every time, your defender will learn to expect that move. This is when you switch it up.
  2. Confidence is everything. Basketball is as mental as it is physical.
  3. Pass. You are only as good as your team.
  4. Some white men can jump.
  5. Come up high and tall, come down low and wide.  Can’t get too low, can’t get too wide.
  6. If your opponent can beat you off the dribble, give them more space. If they can shoot from outside, get close. If they can do both, you’re probably screwed.
  7. If you are small, learn to shoot, dribble, and move fast. If you are tall and big, learn to play post. Know your strengths.
  8. Don’t just stand there. Move around! Set a pick! Do SOMETHING!
  9. Take a second. Breathe. Then make a smart choice.
  10. Don’t psyche yourself out. At the end of the day, it’s just a game. Unless you are playing for the Miami Heat.

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