Ten things I’ve learned from travelling in Trinidad.

  1. The ways that I speak, think, eat, dress, and dance are hilarious when I am outside of Canada.
  2. If you are on an empty street in Port of Spain, and a tall drug dealer/pimp with a gold tooth asks you if you want to come to the back of his store to look at t-shirts….don’t.
  3. Colonialism totally sucks, because it leads to different groups of people being subjugated and pitted against each other for centuries afterwards. On the other hand, it also resulted in pretty decent West Indian cricket teams.
  4. If you do go down to the West Indies, don’t do it at a time in your life where you have taken a break from drinking booze and eating meat. Also, if you say you are vegetarian, you will be offered a tree branch to eat, because being vegetarian is, apparently, strange and humorous.
  5. Traveling can be the loneliest thing in the world.
  6. You know how certain movies, like, say, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman“, will open in Vancouver for one weekend and close the next? While movies like, say, “Jersey Girl“, will inexplicably stay in theaters for weeks? That doesn’t happen in places with black folks.
  7. Some people in the world really don’t like gays and lesbians.
  8. The will to “Free Tony Yayo” was strong all around the world, and was generally demonstrated through the wearing of t-shirts expressing this desire. Thankfully, Yayo has subsequently been freed.
  9. Some people are predators, others are prey. Some hunt, others gather. Some provoke, others defuse.
  10. You can’t describe what it is like to be in a place. You can take pictures, you can tell stories, but you can never truly conjure up what it feels like.

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