Ten things I’ve learned from asking women out on dates

  1. Best pick-up line at a bar/concert/etc.: “hey!” (with a smile)
  2. 2nd best pick-up line: “Excuse me, but can I ask you a question?” (looking concerned)
  3. Worst pick-up line: “please?” (crying)
  4. A Pinto with an all-leather interior still looks like shit from the outside.  It’s what’s on the inside that matters, but it doesn’t hurt to learn how to dress half-decently and groom yourself.
  5. Play it cool. Emailing/phoning/texting every day for a week after the first date does not equal playing it cool. Apparently, it’s “weird”.
  6. Farting is always, ALWAYS funny.
  7. A first date is like a job interview. Dress in a conservative but expensive suit, tie, and loafers. This advice applies to women and men equally.
  8. Being rejected is always terrible, no matter how old you get.
  9. “Oh, you have a boyfriend? Could we have brought that up three hours ago?”
  10. The vast majority of first dates go nowhere….it’s a numbers game. Or, you know…you could always start a relationship with somebody you already like.


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2 responses to “Ten things I’ve learned from asking women out on dates

  1. I enjoyed reading this! #3 made me laugh! I can’t tell if you were joking about #6 because I personally find it hilarious but I can think of a few girls that would not be impressed. Ha! Oh! & I also like how your picture is Kermit. =)

  2. Josh

    Thanks Cindy! I’m sure girls won’t be impressed. But it’s true.

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