Ten things I’ve learned from campus activism

  1. I’ve been called Fascist, sexist, oppressive, racist, homophobic, and Zionist by various activist ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’. I have learned that I am none of these things. This is one of the problems with the Left.
  2. I dabbled in radical philosophies and politics. It turns out, more than anything, I’m progressive, but pretty moderate. Radical anything is generally pretty thoughtless and, often, very dangerous.
  3. Holding signs and yelling in public is fun! Not that effective, but fun.
  4. Modern protests often involve a million different signs and chants, but not one solid message. This is another problem with the Left.
  5. When you get a few years older, you realize that all of those things that were so critically important to you in university…well, turns out they’re not that important anymore.
  6. Heteronormative queer performative dialectic anti-oppression 3rd wave feminist post-structuralist discourse. You know what I’m sayin?
  7. Our society is rooted in institutionalized racism, slavery, colonialism, sexism, homophobia and a few hundred years of oppression. Sure, I get it. Therefore, all white people are racist, all men are sexist, and all straight people are homophobic. Ok…wait, what?
  8. White guilt is a sonovabitch.
  9. Doing and saying are both important. Doing without saying will make a difference on a small scale. Saying without doing is easy but meaningless and hypocritical. So, can you just do what you say you’re gonna do?
  10. There are no stakes anymore for North American activists; no real risks. There were stakes in the 60’s….that’s why it mattered.

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