Ten things I’ve learned from funk music

  1. If you have ants in your pants, then you need to dance.
  2. If you have hot pants, they are probably smoking. And you definitely need to dance.
  3. If you are on that thing, you need to get up off of it.
  4. Shit! Goddamn! Get off your ass and jam!
  5. When I find a vacant booty, I move right to the rump.
  6. When you shake what you got, and girl you got a lot, you’re really something child. Yes you are.
  7. I know a place. Ain’t nobody crying. Ain’t nobody worried. I’ll take you there.
  8. People all over the world need to join in. And start a love train. A love train.
  9. If you had an S-name in the 70’s (Superfly, Shaft), you probably had to do whatever it took to survive. And the man was probably breathing down your neck. But at least you had the love of a good woman.
  10. This is a man’s world. But it wouldn’t be nothing. Nothing. NOTHING. Without a woman or a girl.

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