Ten things I’ve learned from working in the music business

  1. The “music business” is more like selling shoes than writing a symphony.
  2. There are a number of extremely talented artists out there. There are also a number of savvy self-promoters with average musical talent. There are not a lot of extremely talented artists who are also savvy self-promoters.
  3. It’s a small community. Say a few stupid things and everybody will know.
  4. It’s much easier to burn bridges than to build them back up again.
  5. Cool‘ is currency in music. Good connections or access to ‘cool‘ can mean people speaking to you who never would have looked at you before. Old guys who have been around the business for a while still get hip haircuts and wear skinny jeans because being cool keeps you employed.
  6. Canadian musicians have just as much desire to be rich and famous as Americans; it’s just a hell of a lot less likely.
  7. You are only as good as your last record.
  8. Words mean nothing in the business. There is no such thing as a verbal contract. Nothing exists until you are feeling it, standing in it, counting it, and it’s in your pocket.
  9. When you start out, you work for free and pay your dues. But once you start getting paid, that is an iron-clad precedent. DON’T WORK FOR FREE.
  10. You aren’t owed this. You don’t deserve this. And everybody else wants it just as badly, or more, than you. So get to work.
Working in the music business


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3 responses to “Ten things I’ve learned from working in the music business

  1. Naomi

    I love these Josh, keep it up?

  2. Naomi

    I meant exclamation point not question mark!

  3. You rock Naomi, thanks!!

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