Ten things I’ve learned from dog walking

  1. Gross things smell amazing!
  2. There is something peaceful and calming about wandering through a park, leash in hand, a hairy dog by your side.
  3. It’s strange to feel validated by watching an animal defecate.
  4. Bags are turned inside out before picking up poo. Why?
  5. Objects we may not notice on a regular day are often fascinating beacons of wonder to dogs.
  6. The hips can move irrespective of the rest of the body.
  7. When you walk two enormous animals, you feel invincible. When you walk a tiny dog, you feel like you need to explain yourself.
  8. Even though I know it’s no big deal, my heart still goes out to whimpering dogs, tied to poles, outside of grocery stores.
  9. Small pool of water or running stream? Awesome. Dead fish on the shore? Priceless.
  10. We are intimately connected to the world around us.

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