Ten things I’ve learned from riding a bicycle

I learned how to ride a bicycle later in life. It was embarrassing at the beginning, but thrilling by the end.

  1. Cycling is just a question of momentum. It’s when you stop moving that you have problems.
  2. “It’s as close as I have ever gotten to flying.” – Aaron S, my friend, on riding a bicycle.
  3. The very act of riding a bicycle creates communities. In cities like Toronto and Vancouver, it is an active choice…in some cases a political one.
  4. Remove wheel, deflate tube, remove tire and tube, submerge tube in water, look for bubbles, mark spot, dry tube, rough area, apply glue, allow glue to dry, patch, replace tube, slightly inflate, replace tire, inflate tube, replace wheel.
  5. Riding a kids’ bike is hard. Especially when you are also jousting.
  6. When you are a pedestrian, you hate cyclists and cars. When you’re driving, you hate pedestrians and cyclists. When you’re a cyclist, you hate cars and pedestrians. If you’ve been all three, you start to get an identity crisis.
  7. Maybe if cars were more respectful of cyclists, and cyclists were more respectful of the rules of the road, everybody would get along a lot better.
  8. Wear your helmet! Bike with traffic! Wear lights! It’s important!!
  9. Doubling on a bike. Way scarier than biking by yourself. Even if you’re drunk. Especially if you’re drunk.
  10. Bikes are fashion.

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One response to “Ten things I’ve learned from riding a bicycle

  1. Ebob

    One thing too add if you haven’t noticed yourself: DRIVE like you are riding a bike (easiest with a manual transmission). You’ll save a lot of gas and stress and be a lot safer.

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