Ten things I’ve learned from going to a strip club

  1. You can make good money as a dancer. Unfortunately, cocaine is pretty expensive.
  2. Strippers are from different places across America and around the world. You can tell because of their exceptionally strong accents and stereotypical behaviour. It’s almost as if they are catering to geographical or racial fetishes…
  3. “Lap dance” is a city-dependent term.
  4. There is a certain type of perfume. I don’t know what it is, but I will never forget what it smells like. It’s flowery and musty. I call it…”stripper perfume”.
  5. Strip clubs are boring. I mean, it’s titillating at first. Then it’s like “$10 for a beer? For real??”
  6. If you can take your clothes off to “Piece of Shit Car” by Adam Sandler, you are ok in my book.
  7. Don’t ever go to “Amateur Night” at a strip club. I’m serious. There are things that I can’t un-see.
  8. Some people are really great at convincing you that you are the most interesting person they have ever met. Then again, considering the context, that probably isn’t that far from the truth…
  9. There are some men who spend huge amounts of time in strip clubs. I am not one of those men.
  10. I admire the incredible core strength it must take to pole dance. It is remarkable. And in heels!!

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One response to “Ten things I’ve learned from going to a strip club

  1. JV

    “There are things that I can’t un-see.” best comment I’ve heard in a long time!

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