Ten things I’ve learned from writing a resume

NOTE: I love my job. I haven’t even looked at my resume in ages. But I learned how to write a pretty decent resume, and you should too…

  1. My experience working for one month at HMV…probably not relevant.
  2. Get friends you trust who are smarter than you to look over your resume.
  3. Use descriptive words and business lingo. Instead of “flipped burgers”, say “facilitated food delivery systems through creative solution engineering.”
  4. No swears.
  5. No spelling or grammar errors. Seriously.
  6. Use a nice, read-able font. Like Comic Sans.
  7. One page, unless you are a million years old with assloads of experience.
  8. Write a few sentences up top describing who you are. Are you a marketing specialist? A fundraising guru? A customer service whiz?
  9. Tailor your resume, where possible, to the job you’re applying for. It’s worth the extra 5 minutes.
  10. Learn how to brag.

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