Ten things I’ve learned from having acne

  1. Don’t wash your face more than once or twice a day. It leads to increased oil build-up and break-outs.
  2. Don’t use harsh topical creams like tetracycline. It will mess you up later.
  3. Use gentle cleanser gently (I like gentle Cetaphil), and take hot showers every morning. Don’t scrub your face, don’t use a washcloth. Don’t irritate your skin.
  4. Try not touching your face or washing your face for three days. Your skin gets oily, but also starts to self-clean. It’s amazing!!
  5. Don’t touch your face.
  6. Get lots of sleep and cut down on stress. Work out or break a sweat.
  7. Some people use only bar soap and have perfectly clear skin. Fuck those people.
  8. Acne is as much psychologically affecting as it is physically affecting.
  9. Acne doesn’t go away after high school. But over time, it does get better.
  10. If you have oilier skin, at least you look younger when you get older.

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