Ten things I’ve learned from soca music

  1. There is no end to the number of sexual double-entendres you can make.
  2. Sometimes you just need to take it like you own it.
  3. Meh head spinnin, too much drinkin. Also, I want de rum in de mornin….
  4. Dance music can be political.
  5. Not a lot of white people like soca music. But those white people who do like soca music, really like soca music.
  6. Wind your hips in a circle. It’s important to learn how to move your hips independent of your body.
  7. Some people dance with their shoulders, other people dance with their hips.
  8. Nobody else in the world is as proud of their heritage as Caribbean people at jump up time.
  9. Cover yourself in paint and motor oil. Break water mains. Wear a dress and devil’s horns. Do it all night long, and then jump up in a parade. It’s called “j’ouvert”, and it happens the morning before the big Carnival parade. “j’ouvert” refers to the notion of the day being opened, i.e. the first day of the parade (a contraction of “jour” and “ouvert”). But couldn’t it also mean a day when you can actually be free and be open?
  10. We need catharsis, to jolt us from our everyday lives. At least with soca, it’s positive.

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