Ten things I’ve learned from being in the “friend zone”

Note: I assume that these things also apply to two gay male friends and two lesbian friends (just change the nouns, below). But what do I know?

  1. I’ve heard there are ways to move out of the friend zone into the relationship zone. I’ve yet to figure out what those ways are.
  2. The friend zone sucks when you want to be in the relationship zone.
  3. There is nothing quite so demoralizing as listening to somebody you fancy detailing their sexual exploits with people who aren’t you.
  4. I can ask out a stranger with impunity, but can rarely gather the courage to ask out a friend.
  5. I understand why you “value my friendship”. Being friends with me is awesome!
  6. Straight men and straight women can be friends…but it gets sexually charged one on side, the other side, or both sides more often than not.
  7. Things that are annoying: being friends with a girl who you like but complains that they never meet nice guys; being friends with a girl who you like who is dating a complete jerk; being friends with a girl who you like who sleeps with everybody else you know…except you.
  8. Sometimes, you have to cut somebody out of your life if you know that they will never reciprocate your feelings, no matter how much it sucks to lose that person.
  9. Sex complicates everything.
  10. Once in a while, a friendship can transcend all of the bullshit and tension and become something great and long-lasting. And it’s terrific when that happens. Realistically, though…it’s pretty rare.


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3 responses to “Ten things I’ve learned from being in the “friend zone”

  1. Me

    I love/hate reading your blogs because we seem to think the exact same things. And I value my original thought… which you are destroying…

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