Ten things I’ve learned from cleaning an apartment

  1. To remove smells from the walls, or in general, pour white vinegar into small tubs and leave them around the apartment for a few hours.
  2. Soda water and salt can remove almost any stains, as long as you catch the stains right away. Pour liberally, and leave on stain for an hour. I learned this from Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  3. Remember to dust blinds, corners, walls, and anywhere else you might find dust or spiderwebs.
  4. In the bathroom, I clean the sink and fixtures, the mirror, then the bathtub, then the toilet, then wash the floors. The toilet should be cleaned from top to bottom, handle and everything.
  5. Ovens can be cleaned using industrial strength oven cleaner, or just some vim and elbow grease.
  6. Wipe counters right after preparing meals. It’s a quick way to prevent scrubbing later!
  7. Be careful cleaning wood floors…water can warp the floors if you’re not careful.
  8. Clean mirrors and windows from time to time, and you’ll really notice the difference!
  9. Sweep, then mop.
  10. I am not great at cleaning. I only do some of these things some of the time. I’m not too dirty, but I can be messy; especially when I’m busy. It’s easy to say something, much harder to do it with any kind of regularity.

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