Ten things I’ve learned from my sister

  1. When you have a younger sibling, you want to protect them. You also want to prove that you are better than them at everything, so you want to compete with them. it’s a delicate push and pull.
  2. It’s one thing to espouse a set of values, and quite another thing to live them to the best of your ability all the time, every day. My sister lives her values more than just about anybody I know.
  3. Jokes about big booties are funny, of infinite supply, and enjoyable no matter how old you get.
  4. I’ve never created as involved and complex a universe as I did when I was a child, playing with stuffed animals with my sister.
  5. Diplomacy and good humour can resolve just about any conflict. Do you hear that Israelis and Palestinians? Just tell some jokes!! jk.
  6. You can have friends from across the political spectrum, and respect each others’ opinions.
  7. When you sing, try to focus on singing from your diaphragm, rather than your throat.
  8. You can joke about anything. Even murdering your own parents for inheritance money! It doesn’t sound funny now, but actually…it’s hilarious in context.
  9. When I was maybe 10 or 11, my sister was standing in line at lunchtime at our school. This kid nearby was swinging a plastic bag around that, for some reason, had a tin can or bits of metal in it. It ended up hitting my sister in the head, and hurt her. I was so mad I wanted to kill that kid. It’s rare that I’ve been that angry before or since about anything.
  10. Despite conflicts, blood is always thicker than water.

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