Ten things I’ve learned from eating hamburgers

  1. Hamburgers are yums!!!
  2. Sometimes its cool to put a bunch of stuff on hamburgers like gruyere cheese and fancy mayo and foie gras. But at the end of the day, a hamburger is only as good as its meat.
  3. Simple can be beautiful.
  4. You can eat red meat that is not fully cooked if it is good quality and fresh from the cow. And it tastes yums!!!
  5. It’s amazing how much variety there is in one of the most common foods in North America.
  6. One of the reasons I have no desire to be vegetarian again is the loss of the hamburger.
  7. Eating large quantities of red meat makes you feel virile and manly. This applies to women and men equally.
  8. Pickles, lettuce, ketchup, and a small bun please!
  9. Mass hamburger consumption has led to huge ecological disasters (factory farming, clear-cutting forests), as well as health crises (obesity, fast food consumption). If only we could learn to appreciate the hamburger as an occasional treat, meant to incorporate only the best ingredients, we would solve so many of our problems.
  10. I don’t care what people say, hamburgers are here to stay!


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2 responses to “Ten things I’ve learned from eating hamburgers

  1. 2 and 3 are extremely important points.

    When I get a burger and only garnish it with the basics (ketchup, mustard, lettuce, mayo), I ALWAYS get the “that’s it?” comment.

    Yup, that’s it.

    Adding more transforms it to a beef salad.

    I want a hamburger.


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