Ten things I’ve learned from going to Chicago

  1. The Blues Brothers movie is 100% accurate. The L Train totally travels right beside apartment building windows!!
  2. Chicago is in the Midwest, but I don’t know that it’s all that accurate to call Chicagoans “mid-westerners”. But I only say this because of my (unfairly?) negative opinion of mid-westerners.
  3. A lot of people in Chicago have love for R. Kelly. Kells has love for Rock and Roll McDonalds.
  4. If you don’t want to be like Detroit, do what Chicago did.
  5. Deep dish pizzas are….fine.
  6. If you want some good bbq, go to the southside.
  7. In many cities in America, black people and white people often live in different neighbourhoods. Also, skies are often blue, and grass is often green.
  8. There is something to be said for the ability to buy beer and liquor day and night, from almost anywhere.
  9. There are many great cities in America, filled with wonderful people. It’s part of what makes it so hard to hate that country.
  10. A lot of starch, carbs, meat, and salt can make you really tired. When you are a white person, you might use the phrase “crackeritis“. As in “wow, I can hardly keep my eyes open after eating all of this chicken and these mashed potatoes. I think I might have crackeritis.”

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