Ten things I’ve learned from Edward Scissorhands

  1. A quick rise can easily turn into an equally rapid descent. Don’t trust instant fame.
  2. Being an outcast probably means you have lots of time to get skilled at art, music, or some other talent.
  3. Goose-shaped haircuts are terrific.
  4. Being inside Tim Burton’s head must be like living in a Gothic German Expressionist paradise all the time.
  5. I should never forget about how beautiful Winona Ryder used to be.
  6. It’s not cool to accuse someone of a crime they didn’t commit. In Edward’s case, he was accused of theft, attempted rape, and murder. Just because he had scissors for hands!
  7. Vincent Price reading poetry is worth the price of admission alone.
  8. Edward hurts those he tries to get close to….with his scissor hands. We do it emotionally. Ohhh deep.
  9. Pastels are under-rated.
  10. Mash-ups. Gothic Suburbia. Steampunk. Space Cowboys. There is a certain kind of genius in being able to put together two distinct concepts in an entirely new way.

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