Ten things I’ve learned from Tyler (a cat)

  1. If you have a loud and persistent enough meow, you can get anything you want.
  2. Wet food tastes better than dry food.
  3. No matter how annoying their normal state of being is, you get really worried when your cat stops being so annoying. “I know I wanted him to be quiet and eat less to lose weight, but now that’s all he does…and I’m worried!”
  4. Belly-rama!
  5. The outside world is fascinating if you only live inside.
  6. If you want to eat food, jump up to where that food is and eat it. Authority claimed is authority earned.
  7. Can-opening sounds generally mean tuna. Act accordingly.
  8. Add a cat, lose the mice. Every time.
  9. Animals seem to have as much neurosis, need for routine, and idiosyncratic behaviour as humans.
  10. You can sit and talk to a cat, for hours if you want. They don’t give a shit what you have to say, but at least they’ll listen if you give them food and pets.

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