Ten things I’ve learned from visiting Wreck (nude) beach in Vancouver

  1. With a healthy demand and the right demographic, you can make an excellent living selling almost anything: sarongs, rain sticks, beer by the bottle, and of course “chicken…coconut buns!”
  2. Flaccid penises = no big deal…kinda funny.
  3. It is equally strange to be naked among suit-wearing people as it is to be wearing a suit at a nude beach.
  4. A city can get pretty far on beautiful topography and sunny beaches. But I still prefer a vibrant cultural life.
  5. Being publicly naked can be political, arbitrary, funny, or sexual…but rarely is it “natural“.
  6. Drum circles are how musically-inept people express themselves as loudly as possible.
  7. Some kind of community will develop anywhere people congregate. You begin to know the regulars and the locals. This is something we do organically. Whether it is in an apartment building, a residential street, a homeless shelter, a beach, or a coffee shop.
  8. Titillation comes from mystery. Once the mystery is unveiled, it’s not so risque. This is why strip clubs get boring after a while, and why a nude beach can go from being foreign and bizarre to safe and comfortable.
  9. Children don’t know something is inappropriate or wrong until they are told it is. And most children love running around naked. Because it’s hilarious!
  10. The ocean is absolutely vast and unfathomably deep. It’s calming in its timeless certainty.

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