Ten things I’ve learned from my mom

  1. Comedy may not be genetic, but it sure helps to have a funny mom. In my case, my mom was professionally funny (she was in the Air Farce when it was a sketch troupe called “The Jest Society”!).
  2. Even if you are 5 feet and change, you can be very intimidating with the right gestures and a loud voice.
  3. Sometimes you might think that coercing someone into doing something through guilt or social obligation is effective. It sort of is, but maybe people should do nice things because they want to?
  4. You can marry and have children in your thirties and have a happy and fulfilling life.
  5. As a parent, you can never fully escape the legacy of your own experience being parented. Whether you choose to raise your child the same as or differently than how your parents raised you, you are still living in their shadow.
  6. It’s nice when your kids grow up, and you can finally take your life back.
  7. Singing fake gospel songs in the kitchen is fun for Jew and Gentile alike!
  8. Feminism is what I was raised with; I don’t know any different. How it is best implemented or interpreted…that is open for debate.
  9. There’s no final grade for being a good parent. You can do your best and still end up with messed up kids. But if you love and support your progeny, you can’t go that wrong.
  10. Love is reckless, but a successful marriage is pragmatic.

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