Ten things I’ve learned from meeting celebrities

  1. If you have an opportunity to ask one question of a seminal funk and jazz musician, do not ask “who’s your favourite rapper?”
  2. Celebrities are just like us, only they aren’t. And both of you know it.
  3. “When you try to pull a girl, who is also famous too…it feels just like when you wasn’t famous”. -Mike Skinner.
  4. Your idols inevitably disappoint you. But don’t worry, you most likely disappoint them as a fan as well.
  5. Fame is relative and contextual. For instance, I wouldn’t care or even realize if I ran into Tony Hawk. I would be ecstatic if I met B.B. King (who your average Tony Hawk fan might not give a shit about).
  6. According to two young Puerto Rican girls I overheard on the G Train about a year ago, being famous means that everybody in the world knows who you are. Like Miley Cyrus.
  7. When you or a friend of yours touches a bit on even a small amount of fame, you can be in a public location and be recognized, and it is strange. I like my anonymity. While watching “How High” in a theater by myself many years ago in Vancouver, I was recognized for being on the UBC Improv team by a group of students several rows behind me. I had to engage them in a conversation, then turn back to watching this movie. By myself. Sitting in front of these kids. For over an hour and a half.
  8. It is easier to meet famous people who you have a personal or business connection to, because then you can always find common ground through your mutual relationships.
  9. Canadian celebrities are still famous…but they’re “Canadian famous”. It is the same for internet celebrities.
  10. I sometimes wonder…do celebrities ever share stories about meeting us?

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