Ten things I’ve learned from being depressed

  1. Depression isn’t a constant…it comes and goes.
  2. Being depressed often has little to do with how much you have or don’t have. A good job, a relationship, friends, money…none of those things necessarily mean that you will avoid the emotional or physical manifestations of depression.
  3. Being friendly and happy can be incredibly draining when it’s for show. You need time alone to decompress.
  4. Depression is common enough that when you are depressed, it often doesn’t feel like anything problematic enough to talk about or address.
  5. Exercise and humour are good ways to release endorphins and fend off depression.
  6. You can sort your life out, eat well, sleep enough, and have things go smoothly…but when one thing goes wrong, it can send you into a real spiral if you’re not careful.
  7. I don’t know if depression is triggered by events in your past, but those events, at the very least, don’t help.
  8. Being tired can be the worst symptom of depression, because it makes you so unproductive.
  9. Being alive in this world is a crazy, fucked-up, shocking experience. Just thinking about our being is enough to make anybody bonkers.
  10. Things get better. Peaks follow troughs. And that remarkable mutability of life is what makes it worth it to stick around.


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3 responses to “Ten things I’ve learned from being depressed

  1. brother josh, this is probably one of the truest things i’ve read in a long, long time. thanks for this list of 10… it’s a reminder that the problems we have are shared by many and therefore we are never alone. thank you.

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