Ten things I’ve learned from making eye contact

  1. Keep your head up, in basketball and in life. It really helps to see what’s going on around you. Court vision.
  2. Holding eye contact can be threatening, powerful, awkward, meaningful, sad, or passionate. It’s hard to be apathetic when you are staring into somebody’s eyes…it evokes some kind of emotional response.
  3. When you want to disappear, you look down, and it makes you think that you don’t exist to other people.
  4. People who can look you in the eye and lie to your face…those are the people to watch out for.
  5. A great way to confuse somebody is to stare into their eyes with a big smile. “Why are you looking at me like that?” “No reason”.
  6. When you make eye contact with a dog, it thinks its your equal. It’s not. It’s better than you because it has weapons for hands.
  7. When you are drunk, or somebody else is drunk, they might try to make and hold eye contact and babble something meaningful. Usually it’s not that meaningful, but it’s thoughtful to listen and agree anyway.
  8. When I explain my forearm tattoos, I sometimes say that they are Irises (flowers), and you have irises in your eyes, and the eyes are windows to the soul. It sounds super-deep.
  9. Eye contact rarely involves actual contact. Except during hugging. And sex.
  10. Making eye contact with somebody you are being dishonest with (colleague, friend, romantic prospect) can be terrifying.


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