Ten things I’ve learned from selling kitchen supplies door-to-door

  1. People do not like to be bugged at home.
  2. Cookies and tea and some real human hospitality are a miracle for a teenage lad in the freezing Toronto winter.
  3. If you steal change from a donut store to pay for a day-old bag of donuts, you are a bad human being.
  4. If you hire teenagers to sell potentially stolen kitchen supplies using an expired licence door-to-door in the middle of winter, paying them less than minimum wage if they don’t hit sales quotas, you are a bad human being.
  5. If you drive in the wrong lane of traffic with a group of kids in the back of your van without seat-belts just to beat a light….well, you get the point.
  6. Fucking dogs!!!!
  7. When you are looking for work, you should be skeptical if you find the job on a piece of paper that has been stapled to a cork board inside your high school.
  8. If you can sell tinfoil door-to-door….you can sell anything.
  9. Working is always a balance of your need to make money vs. how much you are willing to take (i.e. dignity). I definitely have enough pride to know when I’ve hit the ‘loss of dignity’ limit.
  10. Don’t work for “Student Jobs of Canada”. That’s not a real thing.

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