Ten things I’ve learned from March Guest Post Madness

Note: I will begin posting guest entries starting next week, and I have already received many wonderful submissions. I can’t wait to share these. If you want to write a post for this month, but I haven’t asked you because I am an asshole and a forgetful person, please message me and I will let you know how to submit.

  1. You never get what you don’t ask for. No, that’s not true…nobody asks for STDs. If you never ask, you never get. That’s it, right? Except for trust fund kids, who have everything handed to them…so…ask for things, and you might get them.
  2. Writing a post for this blog implies that you have learned something from an experience. It’s surprisingly difficult to figure out exactly what that is.
  3. The people in my life are, for the most part, very kind, generous, thoughtful, and intelligent people. I need to give them more credit and be thankful.
  4. Having other people do things for you is a great way to avoid doing work yourself!
  5. If blogging is inherently narcissistic, is it altruistic to offer your blog for guestposts, or is it even more narcissistic, because you are implying that being offered the opportunity to post on your blog is a big favour? By asking this question on my blog, am I being meta-narcissistic?
  6. March Madness might be an over-used term. Oh well.
  7. I am an alright, if somewhat clunky, writer. Many of my friends are incredible writers. They use words like “pastiche”.
  8. People do great things for me….I hope to return that generosity someday….
  9. Sometimes you only have 8 things, and the last two get really irreverent. Sometimes you have too many things.
  10. In a fight between a frog and a gecko, I think a frog would win. It’s not as fast, but it can jump.

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  1. For some reason I can hear your voice reverberating as if through a long tunnel like you’re a narrator introducing the tale in which you died.

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