Guestpost #3: Myles Valentin – Ten things I’ve learned from Watching La Liga (Spanish soccer)

Myles Valentin is the co-founder of the blog turned best-selling book Stuff White People Like. He uses the money from it to bet on Spanish soccer. He loves Lionel Messi and appreciates the handsomeness of Cristiano Ronaldo in a non-sexual way. While this is a word blog and not a pic blog, Myles would like to share the following pics as reference: and

  1. Smoking cigarettes in stadiums is cool.
  2. Aesthetically pleasing women go to games, unlike in England.
  3. The Basques want to separate.
  4. The Galicians want to separate.
  5. The Catalans say they want to separate, but are more than will to play for the Spanish crown as long as they get sponsorship money from Adidas.
  6. The Andalusians are too busy doing the tango to separate.
  7. When fans make monkey noises towards black players they don’t know that it’s racist, unlike Italian fans who do it because it’s racist.
  8. Having a kit sponsored by Burger King is cool.
  9. Cristiano Ronaldo likes taking his shirt off after games.
  10. I like it when Cristiano Ronaldo takes off his shirt.

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