Guestpost #4: Jeremy Jacobson – Ten things I’ve learned from becoming a parent

Jeremy Jacobson is a Vancouver-based improviser, father, marketing whiz, and a long-time friend. Here is his most recent improv group:

  1. I learned to love something so unconditionally that even before they were born I was completely devoted to them.
  2. I learned what it is like to be unconditionally and completely loved. I feel so loved by my children that I am confident that if I were to be gunned down in the street at least one of them would dress up as a bat to stop crime.
  3. Children are the best source of honesty and truth in the world. For example “Dad you have big boobs”— I went on a diet soon after.
  4. As great and miraculous parenthood is – becoming a parent is hard and changes your life radically (not all changes for the better – it ain’t all roses). It is even harder if you are a stay at home parent.
  5. All the pride that I have ever felt for anything I have accomplished is greatly diminished by the pride I take in watching my kids. First steps, first words, building a cool train set.
  6. No matter how hard you fight it there will be times where you hear yourself say things to your kids that your parents said to you. Even if you swore you wouldn’t.
  7. There is no better sound in the world than my kids’ laughter. I have been fortunate enough to make many people laugh in my day and it doesn’t hold a candle to my two favorite little audience members.
  8. No matter what I thought I may have been good at in the past, I know I am a good Dad.
  9. Babies in bucket hats are the most adorable thing in the world.
  10. The world is truly amazing– Raising a child gives you the opportunity to see the whole world from their perspective. Things we take for granted they find incredible. The best example I can give is when my son was somewhere around 4 months old and I had him front facing in baby bjorn. I walked into the bathroom to wash my hands and when I turned on the faucet he became elated as if he was saying “DAD– have you seen this! This is fucking incredible!!!” That is how they see the world. It is a reminder about how we should see it.

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