Guestpost#6: Katya Andresen and Mark Rovner – Ten things I’ve learned that everyone wants

Katya Andresen is profoundly impatient for change. She is also the COO of Network for Good, a fundraising and marketing guru, and one of the most important voices in the non-profit blogosphere. Here is her excellent blog:

Mark Rovner is the founder and CEO of Sea Change Strategies, a non-profit marketing and fundraising whiz with over 30 years of experience, and a wonderful blogger:

  1. RECOGNITION: people want to be seen and heard.
  2. CONNECTION: people want to be connected to someone or something.
  3. TRANSCENDENCE: people want to belong to something greater than themselves.
  4. HOPE:  people want hope, and they want to feel hopeful.
  5. TRUST: people want the security of trust.
  6. SERVICE: people want to feel of service.
  7. HAPPINESS: people want to be happy.
  8. HUMOR: people want to laugh.
  9. AUTONOMY: people want to feel independently competent.
  10. SIMPLICITY: people want simplicity, which is why they love lists like this.

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