Guestpost #7: Jeff Jacobson – Top ten things I’ve learned from watching David Letterman

Jeff Jacobson is an agent at National Speakers’ Bureau, and has independently booked Al Gore and General Colin Powell, among a host of other speakers. He is based in Vancouver, is an awesome person, and writes a kick-ass music blog:

  1. When a guest isn’t entertaining, patronize them.
  2. Life is always easier to manage when you make lists.
  3. If your material isn’t working, cue the music.
  4. The more time you give somebody means the more you like them.
  5. A pizza makes a great Christmas tree decoration.
  6. White socks do not go well with a suit.
  7. Off the top of your head is much more captivating than preparing.
  8. Never let people below you wave, speak, or even look at you.
  9. Self-deprecation can be an effective negotiating strategy.
  10. It’s ok to fall asleep in the middle of a conversation.

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