Guestpost #18: Rosie Driscoll – Ten things I’ve learned from travelling with my parents

Rosie Driscoll is a long-time friend from high-school, and she also happens to be a rising star in Toronto’s arts scene, having worked with The Banff Arts Centre, Canadian Stage, Luminato, and (currently) with the CBC.  She’s a musician, a stage manager, and a “connector”. She has no blog to speak of…but probably should.

  1. Memories and experiences always outweigh things.
  2. Having a sense of humour about it makes everything more bearable instantly.
  3. The best stories come from the most unplanned moments.
  4. Travelling with your parents as a family unit is very different from travelling with them individually.
  5. Luxurious travel and “on a shoestring” travel are both equally memorable and enjoyable, just in different ways.
  6. My mom is a walking target for crazy old people. And pelicans.
  7. Learning the names of birds and wildlife you see is awesome. And nerdy. Awesomely nerdy?
  8. You can be sick for half a year from one contaminated ice cube. It’s still worth going.
  9. Trees full of bats are beautiful. Unless you’re my mother, in which case “ohhhhh god! Keep them away from my hair! Aaaghhh!”
  10. Dolphins are beautiful. Unless you’re my father, in which case “everyone get out of the water! Shark! Shhhaaaaaarrrrkkkk!”

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