Guestpost #21: Cameron Algie – Ten things I’ve learned from writing ads

Cameron was one of my improv teachers, and he is without a doubt one of the best and funniest improvisers I know. Cameron Algie is a member of Standards & Practices, and if you don’t know about S&P, you’d better aks (sic) somebody. Here is his ridiculous bio on the ITC website: Cameron has studied with Jet, Charna, TJ & Dave, Joe & Mark, Armando, Sean, Kevin, and a whole bunch of other amazing people. No wonder he’s so fucking awesome. Also, Cam works in advertising. Here is the blog he writes with the equally funny and talented Sally Smallwood:

  1. Ads are stupid.
  2. Everyone is creative. Even if you don’t work in a Creative Department.
  3. You’d better enjoy the process, because for every idea that gets made, hundreds die. Luckily there’s an infinite supply.
  4. Playing darts, dressing strangely, and swearing are considered “creative.”
  5. It helps to have someone to bounce ideas off of. Shout-out to Sally for being around while I write this.
  6. Write in your own style. Trying to write like other writers just makes you sound like you’re trying to write like other writers.
  7. Things are taken waaaaay too seriously. Getting stressed about how to sell a sandwich really puts things in perspective.
  8. More ideas aren’t necessarily better ideas.
  9. Know when to stop.

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