Guestpost #24: Jen Chow – Ten things I’ve learned from being an Asian Sensation

Jen Chow is my friend, colleague, event-organizing super-star, and all-around hilarious person (or, in her Scarberian parlance, “so jokes”). Jen is also really Chinese, which makes this list all the more funny and curious.

  1. It’s true, I can’t lie, most Asians are bad drivers. 97% of the time you encounter a bad driver, they’re Asian! The other 3% are old folks, teenagers or drunks. Good for me, my eyes have opened up and I have been accident-free for 3 years.
  2. We are superstitious! The number 8 is good luck…it symbolizes good fortune and sounds like the word “Lucky”. 4 on the other hand means DIE! You’ll almost never see one of us have a house with that number in it. My mom’s last four digits of her phone number are 8888 – go figure!
  3. Feng Shui is an ancient art and science that balances the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune. If you have furniture blocking your “Chi”, watch out because bad luck is coming your way. Make your chi flow from East to West! Hey, the Trump does it, so you should too!
  4. We are hard workers. We will work ourselves to the bone and make sure we save up for a rainy day. Need proof? Look at any of your tags on your shirts or any small trinkets or toys – made in China?
  5. Chicken Feet? Cow tongue? Fish heads? Pass it over! Asians love their exotic meats, organs and even things you wouldn’t even consider to be food! Yummy, yummy in our tummies. Try it out, we’ll chop suey it up and stir fry it with veggies and fried rice. Have you ever been to dim sum? You never know what kind of meat you’re eating, and funny thing is, usually the waiters don’t know either – They’ll say chicken, but really, that’s just a guess. Strangest thing that I’ve ever eaten is Bird’s Nest Soup. This special nest is made from a swallow, whereby they regurgitate their spit to make their home. Ya….we make everything taste yummy – miracle makers I tell ya!
  6. Why do Asians always look so youthful? It’s the tea! Asian people drink tea morning, noon, and night. We love this stuff, not only is it good for you and has anti-oxidants, it keeps us looking young, healthy and wrinkle-free for life!
  7. We are small peeps! If you’re over 150 lbs, you must be mixed! Since I’m over that weight, I like to call myself exotic!
  8. Cross our paths and do us wrong? There is a tiny Bruce Lee in each and every one of us. Watch out or else we’ll karate chop you when you least expect it!
  9. We like to do things backwards and opposite to others. North Americans drive on the right hand side, we in Asia drive on the left hand side. North Americans read books from front to back and read lines from side to side, Asians read books from back to front and read lines up and down. Hmmm maybe that’s the reason for #1 – who am I to judge though? I’m just exotic!
  10. All look same? Judge for yourself! Regardless of that fact, we are all Asian Sensations!


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2 responses to “Guestpost #24: Jen Chow – Ten things I’ve learned from being an Asian Sensation

  1. Bird nest soup will always remind me of mummy – she fed it to her brood of six. We never thought of it as strange.

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