Guestpost #33: Wayne Booth – Ten things I’ve learned from being an aspiring screenwriter

Wayne is a very cool dude who used to work in the music industry like me, but then realized, also like me, that working in the music industry can be kind of shitty. Now he has a job-job, but is also a creative force outside of work. Here is his blog:

  1. Fictional Robert McKee is a lot more fun than his real life audiobook reading counterpart.
  2. Nine out of ten great ideas come to me while I’m half asleep. eight out of those nine are forgotten before I wake up.
  3. Arrogance played a large part in my exploration of screenwriting. “If he/she can write shitty screenplays, then why the hell can’t I?” Lately, I’ve come to admire these writers for completing their works, and having them produced.
  4. Lacking original ideas, I thought I might have an easier time working on adaptations. Boy was I wrong.
  5. I’ve learned that an adaptation doesn’t need to (and probably shouldn’t) lift the source material, and attempt to drop it wholly unto the pages of Final Draft (or whatever tool you’re using).
  6. I love the Coen Brothers. I’ve accepted the fact that their influence may show up in my works. You can find a number of quotes saying that this is ok.
  7. My inner critic is very powerful. If you’ve ever heard me bitch and complain about a movie I hate — I do the same with my words on page, only 10x bitchyandcomplainier.
  8. My work ethic is such that it is easy for me to write for 2 hours in one sitting, and then not write anything for 2 months.
  9. I have a terrible habit of starting new projects without completing the one I’m currently working on.


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2 responses to “Guestpost #33: Wayne Booth – Ten things I’ve learned from being an aspiring screenwriter

  1. done

    this is a really good blog. This isnt spam I just couldnt think of anything better to say.

    Everything you said was on point, most of it could be applied to loads of other creative mediums too- blogging even. (not sure if that really counts though)

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