Guestpost #39: Michael Mackay – Ten things I’ve learned from working in a cookie factory

Mike is one of my longest (i.e. he is tall AND we have known each other since high school) friends. We still hang out, play basketball, and go to soca fetes together from time to time (we are busy dudes, he and I). Mike is a really together guy, and that is how he is now managing at a cookie factory and outlet, which has been my dream job ever since I first watched Sesame Street. Oh, also…Mike donates cookies and other yummy treats to Second Harvest, which makes him a wicked person too! Here is his work website:

  1. There are never enough cookies.
  2. There are always too many cookies!
  3. No matter how advanced and automated our production facilities have become you still can’t beat the human touch and their experience to get it right.
  4. Working with 450 women around is not as good as it sounds.
  5. No matter how much you dress up a broken cookie, it is still a broken cookie.
  6. It’s great to work somewhere that lets you help the less fortunate.
  7. People will complain even when they can’t think of anything else to complain about.
  8. Americans eat way too many cookies.
  9. Never eat Cheez Whiz. Seriously, don’t eat it.
  10. Broken cookies DO taste better.

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