Ten things I’ve learned from taking showers

  1. I used to hate showering when I was young. I think it’s because my parents used to run the shower at a really high temperature when I was sick, and force me to sit in the bathroom and breathe in the steam.
  2. Showering with another person is like being in a clown car. Somehow it works, but it’s damn awkward.
  3. It’s important to wash everything. Be thorough. Don’t skip your bum!
  4. For people with oily skin (like me), hot showers are great. It leaves your skin a bit more red, but it’s great at really cleaning and opening up your pores.
  5. The bathroom is where I sing, think, and find time for myself. I like the bathroom. It’s quiet.
  6. I used to shave my face before the shower…but no more!
  7. I’ll always have a soft spot for baths, but honestly…taking a bath is such a production.
  8. Jews have a strange relationship with showers. I mean…I know that when I turn on the taps, water will come out. I know that. But still… just for a second…you gotta wonder…
  9. I find showers sexy, and I can trace that entirely back to an adolescence wasted watching late night blue movies.
  10. One great way to hide masturbation is to turn on the taps and yell “I’m just taking a shower!” Works every time.


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2 responses to “Ten things I’ve learned from taking showers

  1. Jeremy

    #8 — funny.

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