Ten things I’ve learned from misreading social cues

  1. If you are talking to somebody who is looking around the entire conversation, they are probably eager to escape that conversation.
  2. Girls who are interested in you, act interested in you.
  3. Status exists in every social circle. There are “cool” nerds, and there are “loser” jocks. We create our own hierarchies.
  4. Sometimes, it’s way funnier in your head.
  5. Stories should be succinct and clever. Not long and convoluted.
  6. I’m a judgmental asshole sometimes. I think it’s a defensive move, a consequence of how I was socialized. But maybe it’s just my nature.
  7. “Ironic racism/sexism” relies heavily on a pre-establish social context. Without that context, it’s just racism/sexism.
  8. Don’t answer the question “how old do I look” if you are a man and the person asking the question is a woman. Just don’t. There is no correct answer.
  9. Awkward people are sometimes so awkward that they make people around them awkward. And then you start to feel like…hey, do they hate me, or do they just not know how to make small talk?
  10. Be certain that she really is looking at/talking to you before striding on over. There is a good chance that she is not.


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6 responses to “Ten things I’ve learned from misreading social cues

  1. Number 9 definitely applies to sociologists and linguists (i.e. of the linguistics kind, not the multilingual kind). They are so literal-minded about most things they make everyone else around them awkward. Probably the worst in my experience are the sociolinguists, who must be the tensest bunch of people I ever encountered.

    Lawyers (and I’m one) are just plain arseholes, but they’re hardly awkward (at least not out of the office). Which, of course, leads on to #6 – they’re arseholes mainly because of how they’re socialised in courtroom settings.

    Just my twopence worth. Good post. Love it.

  2. Stephie

    We’re all judgmental assholes sometimes.

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