Guestpost #55: Mr. Who-ver – Ten things I’ve learned from being a custodial single father

I’m Jason, and I’ve been raising my kids by myself for going on two years now. In these past two years I’ve learned a little, and I’ve learned a lot. I started a blog about my experience a month and a half ago, The point of this blog is to help other single parents (and anybody else) through the difficult transition times.

  1. I’m not their Mother.
  2. The little “Bean” truck grocery cart is the greatest and worst invention at the same time, for several reasons.
  3. Teachers liked me better as a kid, for several reasons.
  4. Critical thinking is an adult behavior…and not all adults have it.
  5. Despite what your friends tell you, not all chicks dig it.
  6. Froward Fours, enough said. Find a dictionary.
  7. Love is all you need. Just remember you can’t always get what you want, but you always get what you need.
  8. For the price of daycare every month I could pay for a Dodge Viper; not that it would change anything, I’m just saying.
  9. Apparently single Dads create blogs only to find dates.
  10. There is power in the choice to be a father (and a whole lot less energy).


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4 responses to “Guestpost #55: Mr. Who-ver – Ten things I’ve learned from being a custodial single father

  1. I am really proud of Jason’s shared blog.He did his best as a single-dad.I am very proud of him and I am sure that he gave informative thoughts or lessons to those single-dad like him.I’d rather congratulate him in raising his kid alone!God bless you and your kid.

    • Mr. Who-ver

      Thank you, and I hope that many Single Dad’s can gain something from my posts as well, even if it’s just a source of distraction to pass the time.

      And I wouldn’t say I’ve been doing this completely alone, my own family has helped us as well.

  2. #7. You’re so right. And it’s unconditional, which is one of the most beautiful, amazing things that exist.

    • Mr. Who-ver

      Yes indeed, total and complete Agape. The world would run smoother if more people could grasp this concept alone.

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