Guestpost #56: Tiersa Buckley – Ten things I’ve learned from utilizing online dating sites

Tiersa is the owner and writer for where they post articles, tips and features humurous and quirky stories about dating.  I don’t know Tiersa personally, but because I find online dating intriguing, funny, and confusing, I wanted to feature this guestpost. So here it is:
  1. Your potential matches always include a Tom, Dick or Hairy.
  2. The prerequisite for sign up is knowing a million ways to always say the wrong thing.
  3. Apparently, sending a “wink” or a “smilie” translates to “I want to Have your Love Child.”
  4. If you elect for Free membership, it just means you like to talk to yourself alot.
  5. “Fat Chance” and “Slim chance” actually do mean the same thing.
  6. Using the tagline “Rub my lamp and I’ll grant you one wish” does not turn 15,000 women on.
  7. With Premium memberships, your profile ranks slightly higher than “I’m broke and hideously ugly.” Plus, you get the opportunity to upload a shitload more unflattering photos rather than just one hideous pic.
  8. If your compatible match resembles someone they picked up from an Appalachian Walmart, just close your eyes and hit “Escape” three times.
  9. Falling asleep on your keyboard during an IM chat is not “good foreplay” (/) (@) (;)
  10. Datebonics – The communication between two people trying to maneuver for one shitty blind date.

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