Guestpost #57: Amanda Petryschuk – Ten things I’ve learned from working in adult entertainment

Amanda is a very talented comedienne, tax expert, and all around cool person. She has had a fascinating life. Here is her Impatient bio:

  1. This job will colour most, if not all, of your experiences in the present and future. I’m in my future now, and my experiences in that environment very much affect my worldview, and the way I react to situations.
  2. I am way too nice for some situations. Due to meeting enough people who will take advantage of everyone they meet, a few of those people attempting the same on me, I have developed a strange mixture of cynicism and optimism. You never know which will prevail!
  3. You can absolve yourself of any and all sins, if you go through a ritual of verbally pledging marriage to someone. “I promise to be married to you, for the next one hour, after which we shall divorce, no repercussions”. *Shake hands* No legal documents are involved, but it totally counts if you’re using your warped justifications to avoid whatever Hell your faith proscribes for you.
  4. No matter how much you try to keep to yourself, you will be dragged into catfights. It’s a hazard of working in an environment of selfish people, who really only know how to focus on looking out for themselves, and have never learned to do so without bitterly tearing down those they see as rivals. It’s also a hazard of working in an environment full of women.
  5. The men who are the most nit-picky about your tiniest flaws (oh no! One zit on my chin? I’m like Medusa!) are usually the ones who require the most overhaul to their own appearance. They’re also usually cheapskates, and not worth the time.
  6. Apparently, the bruises on your legs from climbing poles give away your profession to random people on the bus. Who knew?
  7. Stay away from Facebook, unless you’re open with all your friends and family about what your job is, and you’re prepared to hire a bodyguard. There is someone who will track you down, no matter how good your fake name is. And that person will make you feel threatened.
  8. Not everyone can be pigeon-holed into common stereotypes. However, stereotypes exist for a reason, and that is that a majority of people can fit into at least one.
  9. When you’re giving a guy a lap dance, and he asks if he can try on your stretch pleather mini-skirt while you knee him in the balls and call him a sissy, say yes.
  10. I am gorgeous. Even when I feel down about myself, I can remind myself that any quirk or flaw you can find, there is a fetish for that.


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2 responses to “Guestpost #57: Amanda Petryschuk – Ten things I’ve learned from working in adult entertainment

  1. 9. Good point.
    10. Excellent point.

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