Ten things I’ve learned from watching Blacksploitation films

Note: I have been away from my blog for a bit, and I guess being busy is a sort of good reason for it, but really it comes down to writer’s block. I also really enjoyed having guestposts. Now it’s just me, and I am on vacation all of next week. But I vow that when I return, I will hit this thing running. Ok? Ok.

  1. White police officers in big American cities in the 1970s were not particularly fond of African-Americans, often treating them differently and with more suspicion than other citizens. Sadly, Black detectives still have a hard time getting the police to take them seriously, even today.
  2. There is a reason they call Africa the “Mother Land”. That reason primarily involves attractive, big-breasted women.
  3. Being a pimp is a rewarding lifestyle, but it can often lead to difficult psychological conflicts that must be worked out through Kung Fu.
  4. Don’t mess with Pam Grier. Ever. Even now. She will break you.
  5. While fighting bad guys, try rhyming to them. Feel free to incorporate your name into the rhyme.
  6. Drugs can ruin a community, but they can also help you get over. So, you know…do what you need to do, but recognize that there are consequences.
  7. Some cats are real, real bad, man. That’s no jive.
  8. Every movie needs a sexy love scene, preferably involving hanging silks. Every movie.
  9. The ghetto life is tough, but it makes you into a pretty awesome cool dude who has sex all the time with babes and beats up bad guys.
  10. Earth, Wind, and Fire make wicked movie soundtracks.

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One response to “Ten things I’ve learned from watching Blacksploitation films

  1. Top thing I learned from watching Documentaries about Africa with my dad when I was a kid:
    You can carry heavy shit on your head! African women are a fuck-load more brilliant than everyone!

    (I imagine 80% of the people who read this thought I was gonna say something completely different)

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