Ten things I’ve learned from working for a dance music record pool

Note: shout out to Richmond Records. If you are a DJ, sign up for this record pool.

  1. DJs are peculiar people. They are usually some combination of super cool, charismatic party machines, and nerded out tech/music geeks. On the cooler side of the spectrum, the DJs tend to be more aloof and, often, intimidatingly attractive. On the nerdier side of the spectrum, the DJs tend to be socially awkward and only want to talk about the latest DAW or Deadmau5 remix.
  2. House music is electronic music with 4/4 time (“four on the floor”), with some sort of kick drum or other percussive element for each beat.
  3. There are many genres of house music, including (but not limited to): deep, tech, booty, progressive, electro, vocal…etc.
  4. House music is very influential, but it often takes years to filter into the mainstream. Remember all those electro records that came out a couple years ago? Britney Spears “Circus” album? That was happening in house music in Europe 10 years ago.
  5. Disco didn’t die in the 80’s; it just went underground in the Chicago gay nightclubs, and was resurrected as house music (this one is courtesy of Tristram P.).
  6. A lot of people who go to dance clubs and listen to house music don’t care at all about the genres, history, or technical aspects of house music. They do care a lot about hair gel and Ed Hardy t-shirts though.
  7. Don’t offer DJs anything for free; you can’t take it back ever.
  8. DJs in Russia often have to travel for miles and miles to play gigs, because of how spaced out urban areas are and how large that country is. It is hard to be a DJ in Russia.
  9.  Some DJs are very bitter because the music business isn’t what it used to be, or because of all the terrible ipod DJs out there, or because the lifestyle has kicked their ass. They are bitter even if they get to open for, as an example, Tiesto.
  10. When dance music started getting really cool a few years ago, I suddenly got really cool because I was working in dance music. It was a strange feeling. I didn’t feel any cooler.

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