Ten things I’ve learned from nuts

  1. Cashews are delish!
  2. Peanut butter is really sugary. Unless it’s natural. Then it’s really oily.
  3. Small things can kill you.
  4. If you are into almond butter, you are also guaranteed to have done a lemon cleanse.
  5. Nuts, like everything, are delicious with chocolate.
  6. When I buy nut-themed mixes, I often spend a fair amount of time picking around for pistachios.
  7. I often eat nuts around people who make jokes about eating nuts.
  8. My grandfather used to own these silver tools for cracking walnuts. It’s a lost art.
  9. My favourite chocolate bars have always been nut-based. Oh Henry. Turtles. Ferrero Rocher. Some of my favourite chocolate bars are not, in retrospect, chocolate bars at all.
  10. Jamaicans sometimes drink peanut punch. I guess it’s a good source of protein before hitting the dancehall.

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