Ten things I’ve learned from bellies

  1. You can’t belly-bump with a flat stomach. Ok, you can, but it’s just not the same.
  2. Some people like to say that they have a six pack in the fridge. That means that they have big bellies, but a really strong core underneath. It’s probably true; carrying around all that tummy requires a lot of core strength.
  3. The other day, a guy from Texas said he had a Ben Dunn. Because his belly been done hangin’ over his belt. That joke only kind of works, and you have to be from Texas to sell it.
  4. When guys lift up their arms (in an improv class, in a sports stadium, winning the lottery), you often get a glance at their under-bellies as their shirts go up. So many shapes!
  5. I won’t lie, I’m often trying to reduce my belly. I often wonder, though…what if I get trapped in a cave? Won’t I need that? What if somebody needs an instant pillow?
  6. One of my frames of reference for if I need to start losing weight is if I can see my balls when I am standing up and looking straight down. The next one is if I can see my feet. Then it’s if I can stand up without getting winded. Then if it’s if I can get out of bed. Then it’s if I have bed sores.
  7. A belly could just be a result of a weak core. When you strengthen your back and abs, you find you have less of a belly, and everything is kind of holding together better.
  8. I don’t get belly dancing. I can belly dance. I just need to eat more pasta and buy more scarves. What’s the big deal?
  9. If you have a big belly and an attitude, you have the right…nay, you have the obligation to exclaim “I know I look goooood!” on a regular basis.
  10. A belly breathes in. Who pushed the tiny button? A rested glass spills. (belly haiku)

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