Guestpost #76: Tom Tolladay – Ten things I’ve learned from working 9 to 5

Bio: Tom Tolladay is a recent university graduate now working for a well-known events company Chillisauce who specialise in Corporate Events and Stag & Hen Do’s and Activity Weekends.

Note: I don’t know Tom, but he seems to be a big Dolly Parton fan. Thanks for the submission, Tom.

  1. Appreciate the weekend – make the most of free time to do those activities or visit that place you have always wanted to.
  2. Be pro-active – being busy makes you more likely to take the first step with any task or situation.
  3. I love sleep!
  4. Earning is good! – getting that pay package makes me proud.
  5. Work life balance – no more am I going out every night, which is good!
  6. Rush hour is lame!
  7. That University was a piece of cake – I didn’t have to get up at 7am.
  8. Time management – I have to be asleep at a decent time or else I will feel awful and get to work late!
  9. I am fully independent and can make my own choices.
  10. I should finish this list and get back to work!

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