Friday HuffPost Edition – Ten things I’ve learned from Christopher Hitchens

Noted writer and essayist Christopher Hitchens just died after battling with throat cancer. Here are ten things I’ve learned from him:

1. Anybody who is willing to be waterboarded to test his own beliefs, and then able to change his beliefs afterwards, is to be respected.

2. Atheism is a real hot-button issue, so if you are going to be an outspoken atheist, you might as well go hard. Calling Mother Teresa a “fraudulent fanatic”or a “quack medicine man” is definitely one way to do that.

3. You should be able to debate your beliefs with anybody, on any side of the political spectrum…

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2 responses to “Friday HuffPost Edition – Ten things I’ve learned from Christopher Hitchens

  1. Al

    Atheists eating eccles cakes and watching Coronation St. sounds like my kind of party😉

  2. Only 16%? I can’t believe that. Everyone I know is practically Atheist. Well, not everyone. I shall have to have more zeal in espousing the idealogy of Reason. I can’t understand how people don’t recognise all the religions are just good stories, to help steer a course through life. Not since we have made the discoveries of thousands of religions, and understand the need of humankind to tell stories. Religion just seems fake now to me., and positively harmful in the tribal warfare it generates. I don’t dispute the possibility of some Creative energy that is part of everything, but dogma and strange practices? Mumbo jumbo.

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