Ten words I am resolving to use less in 2012

Note: I am changing the format of this blog. I will still use a list of ten, but I am going to give myself a bit more freedom for how that list is structured. Here is my first attempt.🙂

  1. Whatevs – I actually like the shortened version of this word, but it’s a very non-committal way to respond to a question, and I am aiming to be more committed this year.
  2. Crazy – I don’t like when people are called crazy. It’s a lazy way to dismiss somebody. Everybody has a reason for why they do what they do. Even people I dislike or disagree with. It’s better to understand that rationale than just dismiss it.
  3. Thing/Stuff – I need to be more specific with my nouns (this is a bit contradictory given the title of my blog, but whatevs…I mean…uh…that’s just how it has to be).
  4. It is what it is – This means NOTHING.
  5. Unique/Diversity/other jargon – I don’t like jargon, and while I sometimes have to use it, I’d really prefer not to.
  6. Gay/Retard – this should go without saying, but if I have to be honest I do sometimes use these words jokingly. Even under the context of joking, I really need to avoid these words. Rgh. I know I know…
  7. Stupid – see “crazy”.
  8. Yo – yo is played out. Also I’m White…but the main reason is it’s corny.
  9. Is that alright?/Are we cool?/You know what I mean? – these are my ways of checking in, but I think it can undercut what I’m trying to say. If we are not cool, you will let me know right?
  10. Mumbly or unclear speech – this isn’t a word per se, but I want to work on clearer diction.


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2 responses to “Ten words I am resolving to use less in 2012

  1. “It is what it is” is one of my mom’s least favorite expressions of all time.

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