Ten things I’ve learned from lying in bed with someone

  1. You have to be careful…you can lose a limb to pins and needles before you know it.
  2. Tummies are excellent drums.
  3. Between wrestling, sex, massages, and stretching, you can burn a lot of calories on a lazy Saturday morning without leaving your bed.
  4. Why do I always end up asking what time it is when I don’t have anywhere to go. “What time is it? Oh…it’s only 9:30? I guess I can lie around a bit longer…”
  5. Butts are excellent drums.
  6. In the morning, I’m in a fog because I don’t have glasses on, so everything is kind of fuzzy. So it always takes a second to make sure I’m lying next to the right person. I mean, rationally, I know I am…..
  7. A glass 3/4 filled with water from the night before can quickly become an incredibly precious shared resource for two dehydrated bedmates.
  8. “Why did you pull that blanket off me? What the hell?” “Argh it’s too warm.” – blanket fight ensues.
  9. When you get up first, sometimes you want to sneak around and check your phone, or read, or check the computer. That’s ok. Just be back in time to do at least a bit of cuddling.
  10. A free weekend is a blessing. Waste it.

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One response to “Ten things I’ve learned from lying in bed with someone

  1. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. I do miss those days.

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