Guestpost #77: Helen Parker – Ten things I’ve learned since the Royal Wedding of Will and Kate

Note: I received this guestpost out of the blue. Apparently, this wedding was kind of a big deal over there in the UK.
Note2: Helen supports Buy British including Jack Russell Clothing, Barbour and Mulberry.
  1.  I am proud to be British.
  2.  I like (and appreciate) other people’s weddings more now I am married myself.
  3.  A wedding is a long day for young bridesmaids – keep them entertained, as they may not always be smiling in photos.
  4.  Choose someone that is important to you to be Maid of Honor and encourage her to eat cake and take it easy before your big day.
  5.  Having photos and/or a video of your wedding (or BBC footage) is a good way to remember the day.
  6. British designers are underestimated. Kate’s dress was amazing.
  7. Always be nice to your in laws – you never know who they will be.
  8.  Even Kate and William had to go to work on the Monday after the wedding, the world carries on.
  9. People can grow up to be princesses.
  10. It’s nice to believe that fairytale endings do happen.

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