Guestpost #78: Jeremy Jacobson – Ten things I’ve learned from taking the bus to go to work at 6:12am everyday

From repeat guest-poster and friend, Jeremy Jacobson.

Bio: Former Improvisor, and current family man who attempts to be funny from time to time. Read his Twitter feed: @jerjacobson

  1. The quiet of the early morning is a really good time to think.
  2. When buses are late or don’t come – it is generally the coldest or wettest day of the year – so dress weather appropriate!!
  3. You know you have been doing this along time when the bus driver doesn’t need to see your pass.
  4. You know your bus driver has been doing this a long time when they don’t need to see your pass.
  5.  Some bus drivers are jerks – flat out – but most are very kind and interesting people, which you can easily discover if it is 6:12am and you are the only one on the bus.  I have met bus drivers who are taking poetry classes, who do security at YVR, and who have actually remembered when my kids were sick and asked how they were.
  6. I transfer from my bus to a commuter train. If my bus is late by  7+ min I miss my connection and then need to wait an additional 30 minutes for the next train usually in the COLD with no real cover for rain. TIMING IS EVERYTHING!
  7.  People can be very cruel and judgemental towards those they see as different. I have seen some horrible looks and heard some horrible comments that really display how crappy humans can be towards each other.
  8.  I have also seen many seats given up for seniors and pregnant ladies. I have seen people help strangers with grocery bags. I have seen people make sure kids on the bus alone or with smaller siblings get where they need to ok. Which re-affirms my faith in humanity.
  9. I always say “thank you” to the bus driver even though they are just doing their job. Their job gets me to work on time 95% of the time so I don’t need to buy another car. I appreciate that, so a “thank you” is warranted. I am pleased to say most people seem to agree with me.
  10.  After being humped by a large dog at 6am out in the cold – I truly value the importance of LEASH LAWS!

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